Com. Aneesh Rajan was brutally killed by Congress goondas

Com. Aneesh Rajan was Vice President of SFI Idukki district committee. He was brutally killed by Congress goondas on 18 th March 2012.

He was the son of Com.V.C.Rajan & Sabitha Rajan. In Nedunganda the native place of Aneesh Rajan ,congress …

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  • Private medical college admissions should be based on merit
    SFI State Committee urged the Medical Management to accept the fees proposed by P.A.Muhammed Commission.Students should be admitted according to merit from the Common Entrance Examination conducted by the State government. For 50% seats in these colleges the fees should be fixed same as that of in government Medical Colleges. P.A.Muhammed Commission should take initiate to make sure the the admission in these colleges will be on merit.
  • Research students convention
    SFI State research students convention is scheduled on 19th and 20th of December 2011. The venue of the convention is M.G University campus, kottayam
  • Ensure the security of the people of the country
    The Prime Minister should intervene in mullapperiyar issue. The safety of lakhs of people is a serous concern and it is the duty of central government to ensure the security of the people of the country.
  • Protest the undemocratic move by the state government
    The Present UDF Government is curtailing the autonomy and democratic functioning of Universities in Kerala. The Government is trying to capture Universities through nominations. Creating artificial majority through nomination will affect the democratic functioning of Universities. SFI State committee protest the undemocratic move by the state government.

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TB Bineesh Dear Friends, Students federation of India (SFI) is the largest student movement in the state having a membership of around twelve lakhs (Read More)
T B Bineesh Secretary

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ShijuKhan President

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Interview with Dr.K N.Panikkar

1. Do you think that the on going research in universities in Kerala is in accordance with what society expects from academic research?
Before addressing this question I would like to say something generally about research in universities of Kerala which is relevant to your question. About the present state of research there are two important issues:

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